27th Convention of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad

The 27th Convention of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, organized by the CCIAA of Verona and Asoocameraestero, in collaboration with Unioncamere, will be held in Verona from the 10th to the 13th of November 2018.

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria will be present with the President, Marco Montecchi, the Secretary General, Rosa Cusmano, and the SEO Specialist, Social Media & Branding Manager Giorgio Perillo.

The event, that will see the alternation of seminars and “one to one” meetings, will be held in the Conference Centre of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona (Corso Porta Nuova, 96), and will be based on the participation of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad and of the Italian companies that are interested.

The subjects that will become “sponsors” will have the chance to get maximum visibility and fiscal advantages from the investments and contracts of sponsorships according to the existing law.

The programme consists of two days of associative work and two more days open to the public:

  • On the morning of Monday the 12th of November there will be a Conference presenting the business opportunities in the Countries in which the network of CIIE operates and the macroeconomic landscapes for Italian exports in the world;
  • On Tuesday the 13th of November there will be meetings with the representatives of the CCIE.

By participating to the meetings, the companies will be able to:

  • Get to know the services that the CCIE offer to the Italian entrepreneurs;
  • Discuss business opportunities in the markets that the CCIE operate in;
  • Present their products and services;
  • Get information and news about the most interesting developing markets;
  • Get information to organize their promotion abroad;
  • Build a network of experts and contacts in the strategical countries for the company’s development.

It will be possible to sign up for the event through the platform https://27convention.b2match.io/  by giving a brief description of the company and selecting the markets one is interested in to allow a better organization of the meetings.

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