The project is part of the Unioncamere Inter Chambers Fund – that of the Balkans and the Mediterranean Sea – an area on which the Italian Chambers of Commerce, Unioncamere and the Ministry of Economic Development have already played and continue to play strong promotional activities and partnership actions, given the increasing firms’ attention toward this area.

Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, operating in the macro-area of the Balkans and Turkey, have many years of cooperation experience in the implementation of joint projects, business contacts, organization of business missions and trade market presentations. These cooperation experiences primarily derived from the participation in Network Projects that allowed them to develop ideas, which over time led to important business achievements. From this, the idea of creating a network of the Italian Chambers of Commerce present in this area, to develop a multi-market approach, an idea greatly appreciated by both businesses and project partners.

Lead Partner: Italian Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki

Partners Abroad: Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, Istanbul, Serbia, Bucarest and Athens.

Italian Partners: Aspin FrosinoneUnioncamere MoliseItalian Chamber of Commerce in Varese and Italian Chamber of Commerce in Pescara.

Output of the project: 584 B2B (Italy and Balkans Area )

“Doing Business in the Balkan area & in Turkey” is a project realized with the contribution of the Unioncamere Inter Chambers Fund.
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