Italian Chamber of Commerce in Germany, as lead partner, and 17 Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad (Barcelona, Belgrade, Cordoba – Argentina, Istanbul, Lyon, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Monaco, Rio de Janeiro, Rosario-Argentina, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Stockholm, Vancouver, Vienna and Zurich), as project partners, started a program of activities in the area of environmental sustainability and renewable energy, with the focus on the Countries of South-Eastern Europe and, in particular, on the new EU Member States. Additionally, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Sofia is the main coordinator in the area.

The project is co-financed by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and has three main goals:

  • establish a dialogue between companies from technologically advanced countries and companies from countries where it is urgently needed the implementation of technologies for the reduction of waste and its enhancement;
  • help Italian companies to take part in a competitive way in foreign markets;
  • stimulate the creation of partnerships between Italian companies and businesses in Central and Northern Europe in order to create common technologies in countries that urgently need to develop environmental sustainability.
    For more information: www.energieambiente.org
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