“EXPERIENCE AND BEYOND SOUTH ITALY – Italian Restaurants in the World of Italian Hospitality promote the Made in South of Italy”

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria has been chosen as partner of the project “EXPERIENCE AND BEYOND SOUTH ITALY – Italian Restaurants in the World of Italian Hospitality promote Made in South of Italy“, promoted by ISNART, National Institute for Tourism Research, cooperating with Unioncamere and with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism, for the promotion of Italian regional food and wine products, Italian Restaurants in Bulgaria, agri-food products and regions of the South Italy: Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Apulia, Sicily, Sardinia.

The main purpose is the promotion of Made in South of Italy gourmet products and connection with their territory of origin. For this purpose, a communication and promotion campaign will be realized abroad throughout traditional channels, social media and apps, in order  to promote abroad food and wine local excellences in the South of Italy, throughout the creation of a specific web platform and promotional events either in Italy or abroad, thanks to Italian Chambers of Commerce operating in Target Countries: Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

From June to September 2016, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria will organize a promotional week and event night involving Italian Certified Restaurants with the Seal “Italian Hospitality Quality”. Italian Chamber of Commerce will select tour operators, bloggers, journalists, buyers and sellers for their involvement in famtrip/educational tours and workshops planned in the Southern Italian Regions, whereas foreign delegations will meet Italian excellence companies, producing pasta, EVO, cheese, cold cuts, fruit and vegetables, agro-preservatives, meat, wines and sweets, all certified with DOP, GPI, STG, DOC, DOCG, IGT.

For more information, contact the offices of the Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, Rosa Cusmano, Secretary General, segretariogenerale@camcomit.bg and Elena Tarkalanova, Deputy General Secretary, coordinatore@camcomit.bg, Tel. +359 (2) 846 32 80 / 1.




“This international initiative brings together for the first time the promotion of the tourist areas and of the bio products with southern origin mark, through a multilingual platform created by Isnart that integrates with the network of Italian restaurants in the twelve selected European Countries and certified with Italian Hospitality”.This was stated by Maurizio Maddaloni, President of Isnart, who added: “In these two months, September and October, in Europe the food will speak Italian and will have the accent and the unmistakable taste of the South, with the guarantee of a certification chain that joins manufacturers, products and restaurateurs”.

More than 200 Italian restaurants in 12 European Countries with 9 million clients p.a., selected among the 2000 certified restaurants abroad with the “Italian Hospitality” Quality Brand, that are involved in the event, and 200 thousand people that will be able to appreciate typical plates and products of 6 Italian Southern Regions and to discover the tourist places in September and October.

These are the main numbers of the event “ItalianFoodXP – Experience Italy South and Beyond” created by ISNART, National Institute for Tourism Research, cooperating with Unioncamere, the system of Italian Chambers of Commerce and with the contribution of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism (MiBACT).

The project is based on a digital strategy that focuses on the promotion of certified food and wine production of Italian Southern Regions and on 400 under-40 producers selected by public competition announcement through a single, integrated platform with the network of Italian Restaurants in the World certified with “Italian Hospitality”. A multimedia platform (www.italianfoodxp.it) and a Facebook page in multiple languages for all nations involved are activated with the possibility to share all contents on social networks.This is the first international event that brings together the areas and the tourist places of the six Southern Regions and the excellence of certified production (DOP and Bio), through an action of promotional marketing, off and online in 12 European countries (United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria).

Selected producers will be able to introduce their brand to customers of restaurants through links to menu realized during the thematic weeks of the food of the southern regions, organized in partnership with the Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad, and customers will be able to get information on products of offered dishes and to discover the area of origin also for a future vacation; furthermore customers will be guided in wine and food tasting and tourist tours of excellence by a designed app of the event.

In the period from September to October, for a whole week, the certified Italian restaurants of will offer in every country a menu inspired by the cuisine of southern Italy.

During the week in some restaurants are planned events that are entirely dedicated to the South, with entertainment evenings, presentations and tasting of certified products together with the promotion of the tourist areas of the South, with the participation of local agri-food operators, journalists, stakeholders and local and Italian authorities.

The event includes a period in Italy to support the marketing of local products and the tourism enterprises participating in the initiative through an agenda of educational tours to be held in September and October in each of the South region, with the cooperation of Chambers of Commerce and the presence of foreign delegations of selected countries formed by buyers, importers, tour operators, travel agencies and communication operators expert in food & tourism (around 400 professionals). Provided workshops and visits to factories.

See press release from ISNART clicking here

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