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Within “Assisting and Consulting Companies” Area, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria has recently signed an agreement with ICMQ Certification India getting the role of Get It Fair Ambassador for Bulgaria, in favor of protecting sustainability and social responsibility values in supply chains, of counterfeiting social dumping phenomena, that is to say misrepresentation of international trade flow with negative impacts in Italy and abroad. Part of the process of markets globalization has provoked the extension and fragmentation of supply chains at global level. Moreover this innovative service aims at promoting Responsible Trading and supporting the release of reliable information to the Italian and local business communities apart form end consumers.

Get It Fair, developed by ICMQ India with the participation of a great number and extensive number of Italian Stakeholders, is the first scheme of Responsible Labelling allowing to checkup and evaluate risk level connected to social responsibility. Get It Fair, Italian approach for responsible sourcing, is a powerful tool for buyers and brands to provide their customers with transparent and verified information regarding how products are realized. Get It Fair also helps manufacturers to disclose reliable information to their customers.


Get It Fair Responsible Labelling Program  and GET IT FAIR Framework

Get It Fair Responsible Labelling is a comprehensive third-party program through which companies can identify, prevent, mitigate and account for how they address their actual and potential adverse impacts. Due diligence is an ongoing exercise, recognizing that risks of harms may change over time as the enterprise’s operations and operating context evolve.

Get It Fair Responsible Labelling program is conducted against the Get It Fair Framework in accordance with internationally recognized guidelines and standards.

The Get It Fair Framework, developed by engaging all the relevant Italian stakeholders involved in the fashion industry, is based on the 7 Principles of Social Responsibility and the international documents:

  • OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Business Conduct,
  • OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible supply chains in the garment and footwear sector
  • ISO 26000 “Guidance for Social Responsibility”.

GIF Framework covers all the relevant Social Responsibility aspects: human rights, work conditions, health and safety, environment, business fairness.


Due Diligence is risk-based: it aims to identify the harms and to evaluate their likelihood and severity. The overall scope of the Get It Fair Due Diligence is to estimate the risk level of a factory against the GIF Framework in order to provide all stakeholders with reliable and transparent information related to the exposure to risks of adverse impacts along the supply chains.

In this sense, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria extend its services offer by introducing this innovative service  “Get It Fair Due Diligence” ( in cooperation with ICMQ Certification India and the support of Holonic Platform, with the purpose of assisting SMEs in conducting checkup and assessment risk connected to social responsability issues:

  • Implementation of a management system of Social Responsability
  • Human rights and labor conditions
  • Health and safety working places
  • Environment
  • Business ethics and protection of client/consumer

apart from providing to the interested parties with an general overview of all risks deriving from a supplier.


GET IT FAIR DUE DILIGENCE Service offered by Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria is addressed to:

  • Buyers: companies operating at various points along the supply chain including global commodities buyers and merchandisers, buying offices and agents, distributors, etc. interested to get a third party due diligence on the local suppliers to support their purchasing practices;
  • Manufacturers: Small, medium and large local manufacturers interested to improve their social responsibility performances in order to increase the attractiveness to international buyers;
  • Privately owned, State-owned or mixed interested to attract investors and improve the relationship with their Stakeholders.
  • Stakeholders interested to understand the measures enterprises are recommended to take with regard to managing the social responsibility impacts.



Get If Fair Due Diligence allows to all SMEs to:

  1. a) Receive the right of using the Get It Fair Responsible Labelling
  2. b) enhance efficiency and effectiveness of social responsibility management system and risks
  3. c)  improve their reputation by achieving the Get It Fair certificate at special conditions;
  4. d)  publish the certificate in the Get It Fair web site;
  5. e)  promote their social responsibility results by the mean of newsletter, events and other;
  6. f) fulfill in the European customers’ needs related to extra-financial information to be disclosed by law;
  7. g) access to the international Get It Fair community.

For further information about Get It Fair, please visit the official website

If you are interested in getting Get It Fair Responsible Labelling service from ICCB, please send an email to

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