International SUMMER SCHOOL “INDUSTRY DIGITAL EVOLUTION. Beyond Transformation: Evolving the Digital Enterprise” in Brindisi. Country Presentation Bulgaria and meetings B2B for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria

Within the area connected to the creation of business opportunities and assistance of Italian companies, as well as in virtue of the  recent networking held in Sofia at the Festival Europe, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria has been invited to attend the 2nd edition of the International Summer School “INDUSTRY DIGITAL EVOLUTION. Beyond Transformation: Evolving the Digital Enterprise at “Riva Marina Resort” in Carovigno (Brindisi), which it will be held from June 5th to 7th June 2019.

The event is organized and sponsored by NAICA, a cooperative society founded by young students from the University of Salento in collaboration with Core Lab – Collaborative hOlistic Research Environment Lab, IFIP – International Federation for Information Processing, Politecnico of Milan – School of Management Manifacturing GroupSesar Lab – Secure Service oriented Architects Research Lab and the University of Florence – DIMAI Department of Mathematics and Computer Science “Ulisse Dini”.

Industry Digital Evolution (IDE) is an event of comparison and discussion between Italian and exchange academic and industrial personalities, in order to share experiences on Digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The School is aimed at professionals involved in digital innovation processes of corporate operations and scientific experts active.

Industry Digital Evolution (IDE) represents a continuous process of corporate change supported by a highly innovative and multidisciplinary strategic vision focused on the combination of different organizational, technological and cultural variables with the aim of making companies more competitive. 2019 edition of the IDE Summer School “Beyond Transformation: Evolving the Digital Enterprise” is going to take the challenge of exploring the theme of corporate evolution by designing the possible operational scenarios that will accompany companies in an effective coherent process of continuous evolution.

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