Presentation of the volume “Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations. The case of relations between Italy and Bulgaria”on November 11th at the Military Club of Sofia

As part of the activities organized to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the start of diplomatic relations between Italy and Bulgaria, there is the presentation of the book “Cultural Diplomacy and International Relations. The case of relations between Italy and Bulgaria” by Federica Olivares and Daliya A. Zafirova, which will be held on Monday 11 November 2019 at 18.00 at the Military Club of Sofia. The event will be organized by the Italian Embassy in Sofia, in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge, with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and with the support of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and its associates Ferrerigroup in Bulgaria and Social Cafe Bar & Kitchen.

The book will be presented by Stefano Baldi (Ambassador of Italy in Bulgaria), Alberto Trueba (Ambassador of Argentina in Bulgaria) and Kirill Kartaloff (Corresponding Member of the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences and associate professor at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences). As a result of slow and progressive change, diplomacy is a word that today can be used in different ways. Its transformation has contributed to the creation of a concept that goes beyond the traditional classification of bilateral and multilateral diplomacy. Today we can talk about scientific, economic, digital, public, parliamentary, military, sports, legal diplomacy, and more.

The book contains two distinct essays. The first (in English) written by Federica Olivares, entitled “Cultural Diplomacy in a changing world” offers an overview of the phenomenon and clarifies the meaning of terms such as “culture” and “soft power” by analyzing some important points that have contributed to the birth and the affirmation of the very concept of cultural diplomacy.

The second essay (in Italian) by Daliya A. Zafirova entitled “Italian Cultural Diplomacy in Bulgaria” reviews some of the tools and strategies implemented over time by cultural diplomacy, with particular attention to the external action of the European Union. The second part analyzes the key events of Italian cultural diplomacy in Bulgaria.

The presentation of the book will also be an opportunity to visit an exhibition of historical photographs taken by the Italian Embassy in Sofia, which retraces 140 years through period images relating to the phases that characterize bilateral diplomatic relations.

Admission is free. For further information click here.


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