SIGNA MARIS – Ports and Airports as gateways to cultural and gastronomic heritage of Southern Regions of Calabria, Campania, Puglia (Apulia) and Sicilia (Sicily).

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria has been chosen as a partner of the SIGNA MARIS project promoted by Italian Ministry of cultural heritage and activities and tourism (MiBACT) – Intermediate Body for Cultural, Natural and Tourist Attractions (POIn) in collaboration with Invitalia, National Agency for the attraction of Investments and development of  entrepreneurship, and the involvement of 44 Italian Chambers of  Abroad.

The objective of SIGNA MARIS  is the promotion and valorization of tourism in Italy, via the sea – specifically, it is the enhancement of access to, and awareness of, the innumerable historical, cultural and natural offerings of the Bel Paese via its ports, particularly those ports in the Southern Regions of Calabria, Campania, Puglia (Apulia) and Sicilia (Sicily).

With such a novel objective in mind, Signa Maris interprets the marinas located along Italian coast as gateways to the territory, and invites tourists traveling by boat to avail themselves of the cultural and natural heritage within easy reach of any given touristic port.

SIGNA MARIS offers a new way of promoting Italian tourism throughout 38 touristic ports and airports located in Calabria, Campania, Apulia and Sicily as a main access to Italian Territory.

Signa Maris project, continuing along its natural path of evolution, constantly augments its own value as an integrated system for promoting and raising awareness of national and international tourism, providing support to the nation and, in an increasingly extensive  fashion, delivering an innovative way of presenting  the treasures found across the territories concerned in addition to raising awareness of these areas’ unequalled cultural and natural heritage.

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The project includes a promotional and communicationale activity aimed at intercepting the tourist demand. It also aimes at involving and sensitizing the entrepreneurship of the tourist chain of each territory. Therefore Signa Maris establishes new tourist services, complementary to traditional port services, essential for the enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage of the host regions.

Thanks to the landscape of Calabria, Campania, Puglia and Sicily, the objective is to present a unique touristic offer.

The hope is to create a new opportunity for the Southern Regions to propose the natural and cultural heritage they possess, promoting their accessibility from the sea.

The intention of the promoter of the project is to offer a “win-win” model that brings new development opportunities for all economic operators, facilitating the revival of local economies. The Signa Maris project increases its value as an integrated system of national and international tourism promotion and communication.

In addition, it relays on  technological platform and mobile apps, such as special in-depth studies on the territories, and focused on 4 poles identified by the regions (Blue mountains in Calabria, Bay of Naples in Campania, Salento in Puglia and Greek Sicily in Sicily) which have access to regional airports as well as the sea.
The enhancement of the Territory is enriched with a proposal of folkloristic, religious and cultural events for the current tourist season.




Whatch the promotional video “SIGNA MARIS – L’Italia che il mare racconta”



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