The Professor Angelo talked about the experience of Apulia Region about innovation of the digital ecosystem at the International Conference “Education and Business” by Bloomberg TV Bulgaria

10th Edition of International Conference “Education and Business: Stories from the Future took place on May 13th for presenting the international experiences about the interconnection between education and business, at the National Theater Ivan Vazov, heritage of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The Conference was traditionally promoted and organized by TV Media as Media Group, Bulgaria On Air and Bloomberg TV Bulgaria in collaboration with partners as Postbank, Lufthansa Technik, telephone company A1 and the American University in Bulgaria, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Bulgarian Industrial Association, University of Finance, Business and Enterpreneurship -VUZF, Global Compact-Network Bulgaria.

“Education and Business: Stories from the Future has once again highlighted its role as platform of development of innovative ideas and as a place of discussion between internationally registered experts on issues related to all-round education and on sustainable community development through education and innovative training.

One of the speakers was the Professor Angelo Corallo, member of the scientific committee of the GeCo Observatory on Product Lifecycle Management of the Politecnico of Milano, associate professor of the Department of Innovation Engineering at the University of Salento, as well as of “Business Integration Management” and manager of the Research Laboratory Collaborative HOlistic Research Environment Design Laboraroty (CORE LAB). During the conference, he illustrated the potential for growth through the adoption of an innovative ecosystem in the field of industry and training, bringing attention to the experience of the many excellences in the field present in Apulia Region.

On May 14th, numerous occasions of discussion were held with various local institutions and private entities. All meetings agenda of the Italian delegation were organized and managed by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria: the visit to the Software University, the meeting with the General Manager Ivan Nenkov on the identification of potential opportunities for collaboration on technological innovation, training and development of skills with the SAP Bulgaria company and the account executive and digital advisor, Zdravko Peshakov.

On Webit Festival Europe, Prof. Corallo, together with Italian delegation of National Research Council – ISASI, met the President of Sofia Investment Agency, Vladimir Danailov for the presentation of concrete projects in support of bilateral cooperation in technology and digital.

A complete photo gallery is available on social media of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin.

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