#TND2K19 – Young Talented Graduated CRT 2018/2019

Within the framework of services dedicated to vocational training and co-working experience, strongly relevant for getting closer Schools/Universities and working environment, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, upon scouting of opportunities related to this topic, won three projects thanks to the cooperation with Italian High Schools of Cuneo, Alessandria and Aqui Terme.

These projects of co-working experience are funded by Foundation CRT of Turin with the purpose of involving Italian students within companies, local entities and public Institutions based in Sofia and Plovdiv in the period of July-December 2019.

Young Talented Graduated is a project of Foundation CRT, aiming at putting in evidence “young talent” with particular attention to activities and training initiatives, promoting and developing abilities and competencies of young people; moreover this program has the objective of extending vocational initiatives within Italian High School of Piedmont Region contributing, in such way, to obtain an international mission and to create the development of centers of excellence.

Moreover, the program Young Talented Graduated aims at enriching students’ cultural curriculum vitae apart from contributing to their personal growth and at investing in human capital growth. It intends to:

  • Reinforcing young people self-sufficiency,
  • Providing with an experience useful to guide their studies plan and future career,
  • Keeping inter-cultural and European approach

Finally the program allow to develop all makings of talented students, those with highly personal reliable and adaptable soft skills, by supporting also those students who cannot afford an international experiences, because of their socio-economic origins.

For further information, please send an email to segretariogenerale@camcomit.bg.

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