An important participation in the scientific webinar with the young researcher and winner of the ISSNAF “Embassy of Italy” award Alba Grifoni of 25 February 2021

As part of the info-training and assistance activities to the companies, the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and Lot Consult, a member company leading in the sector of health and safety at work in Bulgaria, organized a scientific webinar entitled How the immune system responds to SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The best reaction for keeping healthy and safe workplaces” which is held on Thursday 25 February at 6.30 pm (EET), via ZOOM platform. The event was broadcast in live streaming on the Facebook page of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria.

The webinar saw the special participation from San Diego of the young Italian researcher, Ph.D. Alba Grifoni, who wanted to give her precious contribution, illustrating the results of her research on the response of T cells to SARS-CoV-2, mentioned by the well-known virologist Anthony Fauci.

The purpose was, indeed, to provide a moment of concrete information to improve the prevention and management of the pandemic in the places of life and work in this new phase of the health emergency marked by vaccines, combined with the desire to illustrate the studies and research on the immune system carried out in the scientific field to tackle Covid-19.

The initiative saw the participation, in the “greetings” session, of the ICCB Secretary General, Rosa Cusmano, of the Deputy Head of Mission and Head of the Economic-Commercial Office of the Italian Embassy in Sofia, Francesco Calderoli, of the Italian researcher from San Diego and winner of the ISSNAF “Embassy of Italy” award, Ph.D. Alba Grifoni, of the Managing Director of Lot Consult Maria Kolarova-Titopoulou with a brief introduction of the works by the ICCB Deputy Secretary General, Teodora Ivanova .

A wide interest was received by the over 60 participants including chamber members, representatives of trade associations, TOP managers and employers, representatives of the medical-health and scientific-academic world, company “health & safety” managers, as well as radio and television operators and the specialized press.

“It is very important to be informed in order to make the right choices that today’s world needs. With this webinar today we do not intend to provide the solution but rather to create a moment of sharing concrete and updated information so that we can continue working in a sure and more conscious way”, declared the Secretary General ICCB Rosa Cusmano.

“I am glad to take part in the scientific webinar today with our young researcher Alba Grifoni in connection from San Diego (California). Therefore, I thank the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria for the invitation and I congratulate you on the resilience approach and determination in the implementation of continuous information actions for companies in such a delicate moment for all of us, just as it has been for the whole of the past year. Since the beginning of the health emergency, one of the biggest challenges that the Embassy has faced has been to understand how to continue working, thus assisting Italian people and companies in Bulgaria, in a safe way. It is therefore very important to get information from a scientific point of view in order to improve health conditions in the places of life and work” declared the Deputy Head of Mission of the Italian Embassy in Sofia, Francesco Calderoli.

The Italian researcher Alba Grifoni, live from “La Jolla Institute for Immunology” in San Diego, California, showed her research “How our immune system fights COVID-19?”. “The research on COVID-19 conducted together with other researchers was mentioned by Dr. Fauci at a conference and was crucial in vaccine research” said Alba Grifoni.

“One of the main purposes of our company is to provide services for safe and healthy working conditions. Unfortunately this topic has become very important in the last year, not only in Bulgaria or Europe, but throughout the world. Thanks to the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria for organizing this important event with us
” declared the Managing Director of Lot Consult, Maria Kolarova-Titopoulou.

The video recording of the digital event is available on the youtube channel of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria >>

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