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Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, within its promotional plan supporting the reinforcement and promotion of Made in Italy in Bulgaria, got the approval of the project “Calabria Food & Tourism, an initiative promoting and strengthening the capacity of the Calabria economic system to work on international markets and to expand its presence in Bulgaria, as well as to foster the competitiveness of local systems and the enhancement of Calabria food and tourist excellences as well as the image of  the Southern Region in Bulgaria.
This project belongs to Action 4.1.3 – Implementation Program  2017/2018 and it is developed in full respect of “Strategic Guidelines for the international promotion of the Calabria system 2017/2020 period” (DGR n. 294 of 30 June 2017) of Calabria Region – Department Presidency – Internationalization Sector.
Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, along with other 31 Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, winners of project supporting Calabria SMEs internationalization, contribute to enhance BRAND CALABRIA worldwide!
The project “Calabria Food & Tourism is “financed by the Action and Cohesion Plan (PAC) 2014/2020 – Axis 3 “Competitiveness of production systems” (OT3) – specific objective 3.4″ increase of the level of internationalization of Production Systems” with the aim of let Calabria SMEs agri-food and tourism products being on new markets by implementing actions in line with company size (SMEs) and with Strategic Guidelines for the international promotion of Calabria System in 2017/2020 period.


The agri-food system is a key sector for the development of the economy of Calabria Region: agriculture represents 4.1% of GDP, the double compared to the national average. Calabria food industry is also the first sector in the manufacturing sector, with an added value of around 23% of the total, a number of companies equal to 26.6% of regional manufacturing companies, and an employment of over 10,000 employees.
The most representative characteristics of regional agri-food production concern the olive-oil and citrus cultivation chain followed by cereal-growing and bakery products, animal husbandry and viticulture.


According to a statement of the President of Calabria Region, Mario Oliveri during the BIT press conference in Milan in 2019, Calabria Region has closed 2018 with a new record of tourist presence, an increase of 2.7% of registered presences, 239,000 more overnight stays compared to the previous year and with a positive trend also for foreign tourism which, once again, marks 5.8%.

Furthermore, Calabria is confirmed as the second Italian region by number of overnight stays (4.92 is the average number of nights per customer – a figure that clearly exceeds the average on a national scale, which stops at 3.37). The summer season remains the most favorable for the tourist flows that register 60% of presences even if conditions of seasonal adjustment are rapidly establishing, which is one of the objectives of the Calabria Region.

Calabria is a very ancient land, particularly rich in touristic resources and is also situated in a strategic position, its coastlines are 800 km long, right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea; it can also count on a vast hilly area able to promote agri-tourism, tourism and related lake or river sports.


Taking into account small and medium sized enterprises of Calabria Region and the type of products and services they offer, “Calabria Food & Tourism” intend to involve two different kind of channels of distribution: sector and e-commerce platforms.

Hence, objectives of the project are:

  • spreading the image and knowledge of the main regional production and territorial systems;
  • promoting opportunities and conditions in the Bulgarian market;
  • promoting Calabria excellence of touristic and food&wine sectors in Bulgaria;
  • increasing business for Calabria companies throughout the network of “Italian Restaurants in the World” certified with the Label of Quality “Ospitalità Italiana”;
  • seizing opportunities linked to the growth in demand for quality products in Bulgaria;
  • capitalizing international relations in terms of sustainable business impact on the territory;
  • use an electronic channel for sales of Calabria food, wine and food excellencies.

Calabria Food & Tourism” project, promoted by Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and Calabria Region (Presidency Directorate – Internationalization) in straight cooperation with Confapi Calabria, is composed of different phases to be realized in Bulgaria and Italy.

Among them, there will take place some promotional events within IV EDITION OF ITALIAN FOOD WEEK IN THE WORLD” (18-23 November 2019), traditional initiative under the patronage of Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Education, University and Research in close synergy with Ministry of Economic Development.



For further information, stay tuned on our website, on specific Calabria Food & Tourism project section, ICCB social media, apart from keeping contact with Rosa Cusmano, Secretary General,



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