Dolomiti Show – the mountain fair, aims to provide an integrated offer, through the overall presentation of local resources, making the most of the tourist opportunities and mountain sports offered by the mountains in Belluno. The event captures the need to consider and promote the year-round mountain experience.
Dolomiti Show is a container for various events and proposals that make the most of the main features that are specific to the Belluno Dolomites: attractions, sports and nature. The trade fair event is open to the public and structured into conferences, events to match tourist accommodation and catering with buyers, staff recruiting for the hotel and catering trade, and sporting activities. The event will be hosting important personages from sports, tourism, institutions and business, The two-day programme will involve various audiences, from hoteliers to B&Bs and guesthouses, entrepreneurs and students, enthusiasts and those who simply want to find out more. Specifically, the event dedicated to tourist accommodation and catering –Buy Veneto Speciale Montagna– is being replicated here, with 40 international buyers interested in purchasing tourism offers to experience in the Belluno area, and Dolomiti Job Day, an initiative dedicated to recruiting staff for hotels and catering.
Dolomiti Show aims to support growth in tourism and hospitality to offer the best possible experience of the opportunities that will be created with the events that will involve the entire Belluno area: the 2021 World Ski Championships in Cortina and the Milan-Cortina Olympics in 2026
Dolomiti Show is …
• Buy Veneto Speciale Montagna: meetings between accommodation facilities and 40 international buyers to present the tourist offer in Belluno;
• Dolomiti Job Day: Recruiting for the tourism and hospitality sector, seasonal or permanent employment opportunities;
• unique events to celebrate the UNESCO Dolomites;
• conferences to sow the culture of hospitality and mountain tourism;
• sporting events to enhance mountain sports, competitions and activities with expert guides.

Date and Place: October 5th – October 6th , 2019, Longarone Fiere Mountain Exhibition Center

Sector: mountain tourism

Web page:

Organizer: Longarone Fiere Dolomiti

Opportunities with ICCB: Teodora Ivanova, Deputy Secretary General and Head of “Promotion Trade Fairs, Professional Exhibitions and Events” Department –

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Dolomiti Show, la fiera della montagna, valorizza l’offerta turistica della montagna bellunese.
Alla sua terza edizione è già diventata il canale ufficiale per le trattative commerciali nel settore ricettivo-turistico.

Dolomiti Show è…

  • Buy Veneto Speciale Montagna: incontri tra strutture ricettive e 40 buyer internazionali per presentare l’offerta turistica bellunese;
  • Dolomiti Job Day: Recruiting per il settore turismo e ospitalità, opportunità di lavoro stagionali o a tempo indeterminato;
  • eventi unici per celebrare le Dolomiti UNESCO;
  • convegni per seminare la cultura dell’ospitalità e il turismo in montagna;
  • eventi sportivi per valorizzare gli sport in montagna, gare e attività con guide esperte.

Data e Luogo: 5 ottobre – 6 ottobre 2019, Longarone Fiere
Settore: turismo di montagna
Pagina web:
Organizzatore: Longarone Fiere Dolomiti
Opportunità con la CCIB: partecipazione in qualità di espositore e incoming buyer (pacchetto ospitalità).
Contatto: Teodora Ivanova, Vice Segretario Generale e capo dipartimento “Promozione Fiere, Saloni Professionali ed Eventi” –

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