Observatory on Structural Funds and other European Programmes

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The Observatory on Structural Funds and other European Programmes, promoted by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, aims to be a concrete answer to the problem of non-homogenous diffusion and sharing of information about policies, interventions and initiatives related to Structural Funds and European Union Programmes, between all public, institutional and private subjects involved that operate in Bulgaria.

The Observatory represents an instrument to incentive, directly and indirectly, the sharing and the circulation of information for all categories of private and institutional users, while providing a specific and complete orientation service to the various institutional and non-institutional subjects and to sectorial operators. It also serves as a Documentation Centre, giving the possibility to view documents, regulations, laws, databases, reports and publications of EU, national and regional, in which it is possible to find useful information about European Union.

The Observatory wants to provide solutions capable to adequately fulfill territorial needs in European Union matters. More generally, this structure wants and intends to promote an increase of information available to Administrations that manage interventions, to businesses, to sectorial operators and to all other users.

Therefore the Observatory has set itself the objective to support and provide a concrete contribution to, first of all, the realization and the implementations of actions and information systems which will let the largest audience possible know, in a clear and transparent way, about Operational Programmes of Structural Funds. This action is in particular aimed towards potential promoters of projects, in order to fully develop the potential offered by Operational Programmes and to allow members of the Observatory to gain more information, relevant elements and knowledge to effectively implement these in their institutional activities and this way favoring users.

The multiple actions that can be started by the Observatory, have the objective to promote a process of systemic innovation to ensure that all public and private subjects operating in Bulgarian territory have the adequate capability to develop and adapt to dynamic evolution that will characterize future scenarios of development and implementation of Structural Funds and other European Programmes, within a sustainable development view of thinking.

The objective is to create a network that can reach a super structural dimension and which generates and lives of interactions established between various network interlocutors. The network, through the single knots it is made of, should be translated into strategies and interventions capable of facilitating and supporting across the network: on one hand, members of the Observatory in the realization of an easy and not costly process of optimization of their own institutional activities; on the other hand, users and final addressees of interventions to gain wider and more precise knowledge of Structural Funds and relative operational procedures.

The Observatory, during these years, promoted ad implemented many projects on international cooperation, both related to O.P. in Bulgaria and various other programmes directly managed by the European Commission,  favoring and involving businesses, Local Institutions, Municipalities, Associations of sectors and categories, Italian and Bulgarian universities, all operating in different commodities sectors, and contributing to development of solid partnerships.

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