Italian Pavilion at Webit Festival

H.E. Stefano Baldi, Ambassador of Italy in Bulgaria, inaugurated Italian Pavilion and welcomed the 7 Italian startups and together with Alessandra Capobianco, Director of Italian Trade Agency, Marco Montecchi and Maria Luisa Meroni, president of Confindustria Bulgaria, they met the Italian excellences belonging to different economic sectors, like health, marketing, agriculture, environment, industrial processes, web control and social event driver (see the Catalog here). They also welcomed all the Italian speakers attending the Conference occurring at 1.12 pm in the pitching session. This business initiative, not only closes the Bulgarian Presidency Of the Council of European Union, but it also constitutes the last joined action of Sistema Italia in the field of the Italian Festival 2018, that concludes the promotion of Italian excellences in innovation and digital field


In the late morning, Sistema Italia organized the conference “Focus on Italian start ups world”, that took place in the Sofia’s Arena Armeec pitching session where, among others, Mr. Mattia Corbetta, the Innovation and Start up- General Directorate Policy Advisor of Industrial Policy, Competitiveness and PMI of MiSE,  the lawyer Giuseppe Saccone, member of CdA of Multiversity Spa, representative of Unipegaso-Università Telematica Online Pegaso and Universitas Mercatorum and President of European Polytechnical University, and Mr. Marco Gay, the CEO of Digital Magics and President of Anitec – Assinform, had the floor.

Click here to check the program of the seminar “Focus on Italian START UP world” while on the facebook profile of the Chamber of Commerce it is possible to review the participants’ interventions thanks to direct live streaming realized on June 26th!

Italy will be attend the event also on the 27th of June from 3.52 pm to 4.45 pm with the second part of the conference  “Focus on Italian START UPS world” thanks to the speech of  Prof. Angelo Corallo, President of Innovars (Spin-off and innovative network of enterprises association) and Professor in the Innovation Engineering Department at Unisalento.

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