Basic services for businesses

Basic services for businesses2015-06-10T19:13:41+03:00

Basic information about a specific company

Providing data about a specific company: property rights holders, address, contact phone numbers and mail, ID number in fiscal register, etc…

  • Member:                    FREE
  • Non Member:            30 Euro


Business opportunities

  • Member:                    FREE
  • Non Member:            On request


Customs procedures, rules and regulation

  • Member:                    FREE
  • Non Member:            On request


Chamber of Commerce company registration details

Providing of all information available about a specific company, through Italian or Bulgarian Commercial Register (Registro delle Imprese) and other searching tools.

  • ID number and place of registration in Italian commercial register
  • Headquarters
  • Legal status
  • Company operations characteristics
  • Property rights holders and capital stock
  • Administrator name
  • Other additional information
  • Member:                    20% discount
  • Non Member:             50 Euro per business


Feasibility study of specific business project

  • Member:                    FREE
  • Non Member:            On request


Market Research

Information about Bulgarian market, statistics, market analysis

  • Member:                    20% discount
  • Non Member:            On request
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