Business meetings

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Networking events and business meetings

Organization of informal networking events and business meeting to build business relationships.

  • Member:                    20% discount
  • Non Member:             On request 


Organization of business meetings:

Phase 1, data analysis and selection of potential partner (maximum 10 businesses)

  • Analysis of business profile and documentation provided by client
  • Set-up of documentation and/or advertising material, translation in Bulgarian free of charge for maximum 2 pages -3600 characters total including spaces)
  • Search and selection of potential partners
  • Mailing out to potential partners interested
  • Phone call to potential partner to confirm interest and reception of material of max of 30 %
  • Final report with details and information about business contacted
  • Member:                    10% discount
  • Non Member:             on request

Additional translation of promotional and advertising material Italian-Bulgarian-Italian (presentation, catalogues, price lists, etc…)

  • Member:                    20% discount
  • Non Member:            12/15 euro/per page

Phase 2, organization of the meeting (maximum 10  businesses)

Setting up of 4/5 meeting. Draft calendar of meetings is sent to client one week before business mission starts.

  • Member:                    10% discount
  • Non Member:             on request
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