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Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria’s publications are addressed to everybody interested in our activities, in investing in Bulgaria and taking advantages of international business opportunities. Publications are in different format, paper and electronic version, in Italian and Bulgarian languages.


“Investire in Bulgaria” is a new publishing project of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria, drafted and edited by ICCB team in straight cooperation with Governmental Agency for Investment (Invest Bulgaria) and realized with the support of “Enterprise and Internationalization Department” of the Ministry for Economic Development.

“Investire in Bulgaria” is an useful and valid tool for all Italian entrepreneurs who want to broaden their horizons, learn and grasp opportunities in Bulgaria. Investing in a new country is always a big change, also entrepreneurs and investors need support!

Editions 2015 and 2016 of this publication is a joint initiative realized by all actors of “Italian system” in Bulgaria: Italian Embassy in Sofia, ICE Sofia, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria and Confindustria Bulgaria.


· 79 Italian Chambers of Commerce Worldwide (on the occasion of annual meetings in Italy), 105 Italian Chambers of Commerce in Italy and 39 Italian Bilateral Chamber of Commerce based in Italy

· 19 Unions of Regional Chambers of Commerce in Italy, 135 Agencies for internationalization of SME and 9 Regional Foreign Centers in Italy

· Fiera Milano, Rimini Fiera, Cesena Fiere, Verona Fiere, Bologna Fiere’s offices based in Italy

· 18 Italian Restaurants Certified with “Seal of Quality – Ospitalità Italiana”

· Hotels in Bulgaria

· Offices of the Agency for the Promotion abroad and internationalization of Italian companies, Italian Cultural Institute,  Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria, Ministries, Municipalities and Bulgarian Trade Associations, Bulgarian Embassy in Rome , Bulgarian Institute of Culture.

·  Social Business Networking events promoted by ICCB or in which ICCB use to take part in on Italian territory as well as in Bulgaria or in others Countries.










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“Corriere Italia Bulgaria” is the only bilingual magazine in paper format in the Country and the official tool of information and communication of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria. During 17 years it has been the real spokesman of a large community of entrepreneurs, Italian and Bulgarian, interested at fostering political, economic, commercial and cultural relationships between both Countries, while enjoying appreciation coming from institutional representatives.

This magazine reaches directly diplomatic representations of both Countries, members and partner of the Chamber (Ministries, governmental Agencies, public bodies for regional development, regional Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations in Bulgaria and other local Institutions), as well as the main hotel and Italian restaurants in Sofia and Plovdiv, thus creating an estimated average of 3,000 readers per issue.

After being interrupted for two years, now it’s time to be back: completely revamped in terms of graphics and contents continuing to be a monthly project with the purpose of accompanying readers in the path of knowledge and deepening both Countries. 

NEW     Corriere italia Bulgaria, within a partnership agreement with Bulgaria On Air Media Group, is on board of Bulgaria Airways flights Sofia/Rome/Sofia e Sofia/Milan/Sofia for informing all Italian and Bulgarian readers about events and business opportunities not to be missed in Italy and Bulgaria. Moreover, they could stay tuned and follow promotional initiatives branded  “Made in Italy”.

Stay tuned with Corriere Italia Bulgaria! Check all issues by clicking hereafter on each cover page.









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unione_europeaNewsletter Europe was born within a project lead by Italian Chambers of Commerce based in Eastern Europe and Balkans, with the purpose of carrying out updated information on strategies, financial resources and activities in favor of Italian companies, interested in submitting proposals through European fundings. Newsletter Europe provides also with articles written by Structural Funds  and EU Program Observatory and dealing with EU Operational Programmes, call for tenders and EU initiatives in Bulgaria.

With a renewed graphic design, re-issue the  Newsletter Europe, published monthly for informing Italian SMEs, ICCB members, Chambers of Commerce, public administration, Universities, NGOs, Associations and other public and private bodies…all readers who want to be update about what is going to happen in Europe and how to use EU funds.

Stay tuned with our Newsletter Europe! Check all issues on http://issuu.com/cameracommercio/stacks. 



Newsletter “Energy and environment” was born within a project lead by 17 Italian Chambers of Commerce  Abroad (Barcelona, Belgrade, Cordoba – Argentina, Istanbul, Lyon, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Monaco, Rio de Janeiro, Rosario-Argentina, Thessaloniki, Sofia, Stockholm, Vancouver, Vienna and Zurich), named “Environmental Sustainability 2009/2010”. It has two main objectives: to help Italian companies to take part in a competitive way to foreign markets and stimulate the creation of partnerships between Italian companies and companies in Central and Northern Europe  with the purpose of sharing common technologies among Countries with an urgent need to develop environmental sustainability.

Have a look inside for being aware about all information in energy and renewable energy sector in Bulgaria and about funding opportunities to set up a company or create business in this Area. This project has been suspended  soon after the project.

For more information about all issues, please check them out on http://issuu.com/cameracommercio/stacks. 


CamComit.bg is ICCB weekely newsletter letter in Italian and Bulgarian languages aiming at informing members, Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad, Bilateral UE and extra EU Chambers of Commerce in Bulgaria, local Chambers of Commerce, loacal Institutions and Business Associations of both Countries about economic, political and commercial issues as well as ICCB projects and initiatives and those of Italian partners based in the Country.

This editorial communication tool is composed b y different sections: information made up by Italian Embassy in Sofia, Italian Cultural Institute, ICE Sofia Office; communication to members, “the World of Ospitalità Italiana”, business opportunities, job opportunities, news about EU funds and calls for proposal, events and EU conferences, preferential rates addressed to ICCB members and a section focused on agreements and agreements Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria signed with local Institutions for supporting Italian SMEs internationalization.

Click hereafter for reading some interesting articles.


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